Did you Know?

Here at SilverEdge Cooperative we provide feeds for many different types of animals. Did you know we can take care of all of your horse feed needs? Whether your looking for a complete horse feed, a ration balancer feed, bulk or bagged horse feed, vitamin and mineral blocks, we have whatever you are looking for, and more!



Young/Growing Horses & Lactating Mares
Senior Horses

Complete Feed

Great for horses with poor dentition. Pellets can be soaked in water to provide a very easy to chew feed. 


Not a complete feed, must be fed with hay.

Great for senior easy keepers.



Miniatures / Specialties


Contains low starch and low sugar

Great for horses who have a metabolic issues

Provides the neccisary nutrients for good health, without addng extra starch and sugar

For Obese Horses

Contains low fat while still being balanced

Allows the horse to eat grain without taking in all the extra calories 

Feed Departments

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Basic & Adult Horse Feeds

Great feed for all life stages. 

Economical Price


    Fewer calories      than Strategy GX


       For the working horse at              an economical price. 

Competition Horse Feeds


Low Starch and low sugar

Great for the perfomance horse

Great feed for barrel racers 

Amplify fat supplement in the formula


For horses who eat a diet of mostly hay, Enrich Plus is used to bridge the nutritional gap, due to forage nutrient inconsistany. 

Comes in weather resistant 40# blocks and 25# bagged supplement. 

Helps maintain healthy hooves, coat and ensure that the horse's diet is not deficient in vital witamins and minerals.


A quality source of forage, that ensures hydration.

Dehydrated and about 2lbs each.

Great to take on camping trips and fairs.