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Here at SilverEdge Cooperative we provide feed for many differnt types of animals. Did you know that we have food for your pets? No matter how large or how small your pet is, we can take care of your pets needs. If we don't have the pet food your looking for in stock, let us know and we will get it in for you.   

Red Flannel Canine Select

Red Flannel™ Canine Select Formula 
For all breeds of dogs.

• 100% complete & balanced 
   for all breeds 
• Helps maintain overall health 
• High quality ingredients 
   for great taste 
• Naturally preserved

Wholesome Nutrition.
Red Flannel™ Canine Select Formula is specifically formulated as an affordable diet for all breeds of adult dogs. It supplies 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your dog at every life stage.
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Red Flannel Cat

Red Flannel™ Cat Formula 
Supports lifelong health for all cats.

• High quality ingredients 
   for exceptional taste 
• Provides for healthy skin 
   & soft shiny coat 
• Supports a healthy immune system

Wholesome Nutrition.
Red Flannel™ Cat Formula is specifically designed for cats of all ages and breeds. It supplies 100% complete and balanced nutrition for your cat at every life stage.