R7® Tool         

The R7® Tool is a comprehensive precision farming solution that gives variable-rate prescriptions for seed, crop protection and crop nutrient applications.

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Take a Fresh Look at Your Fields with the R7® Tool

With a constant influx of new products and seed varieties, you need streamlined access to comprehensive and personalized data to maximize your operation's success and efficiency. The R7® Tool from WinField allows you to see your fields as you never have before.

Let your fields reach their potential

By combining 20 years of satellite imagery with local seed and crop protection data from Answer Plot® test sites, the R7® Tool  generates field performance information for every acre and matches crop  inputs and decisions to the potential of each field and each zone. 

You can gain access to the R7® Tool by meeting with specially trained R7®  agronomy experts. The comprehensive data complements existing precision  farming strategies, or provides an easy, low-cost way to get started.  And, because it is based on imagery, the tool does not require  historical data such as yield maps or grid soil samples.

Proprietary technology

Only WinField combines the local field experience of the Answer Plot® Program with the power of precision agricultural technology to create personalized field recommendations. Let the R7® Tool help you translate data into insights.


R7 Tool Grower Video